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Return of the Book Pimper!

So I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I have a book out in a few weeks called Monster Slayers by “Lukas Ritter.” Have I mentioned it? I can’t recall. I’ve been so mum on the subject. Okay, yeah, no, it’s been full force pimping lately. An endless gale of pimp whooshing into […]

Meet Lukas Ritter

My editor at Wizards of the Coast–Nina Hess–and I recently did a back and forth interview about working together on Monster Slayers that’s going up in several parts in the coming weeks. She started off with an intro to my alter-ego Lukas Ritter by detailing how we came to work together seven years ago. Check […]

Box o’ Books

I was woken this morning by my doorbell ringing. Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a total night owl and always sleep in, so I had to jump out of bed, fumble for my glasses, throw on clothes, re-throw on my shirt since it was on backward, and run for the door. The FedEx […]

A Brand New Site!

It’s been forever and ever, but I’m back with a brand new web site! And that’s ’cause I have new books! So click on the Books tab above to read about them! Or not. I mean, I know we all have busy lives. Anyway, 2010 has been a busy year for me as I gear […]

Monster Slayers!

(This was originally posted on my LiveJournal page.) I’ve been writing for the Mirrorstone Books imprint of Wizards of the Coast for years and years; in fact, I consider them the folks who “discovered” me.  So I’m proud to say I have a brand new book coming out from them — in hardcover! — this […]

Back, With Good News

(This was originally posted on my LiveJournal page.) It’s been basically a billion years since I last wrote a public update on here.  But trust me when I say you didn’t really want to read much about my life the past year — all dull all the time, I must say. However, today I have […]