Q: I’m a book blogger and I’m interested in getting an ARC (advance reader copy) or review copy of your new book. Who do I contact?

A: Send me an email with your blog details (URL, visitor stats, etc.) and mailing address, and I will forward it on to my publisher. I can’t guarantee everyone who requests one will get an ARC, especially if you’re outside of the country where my publisher has distribution rights, but I’ll forward every request I get.

Q: Can I get some bookmarks/free books/other swag?

A: I don’t currently have any swag made up for any of my books, and unfortunately do not have books I can give away either. But on occasion I may do contests on my own or with other writers. Keep an eye on my website and Twitter!


Q: Will Vesper be released in paperback?

A: Vesper will come out as a trade paperback in December 2011.

Q: Is there a sequel to Vesper?

A: Yes! Vesper is the first book in the Deviants series, which is currently slated for three books. Book 2, Havoc: A Deviants Novel, is coming out Jan. 2012. Book 3, which is currently untitled, will be in stores Jan. 2013.

Q: When will there be more news about Havoc?

A: Very soon. I hear that we will have ARCs available this June or July. I should be able to unveil the completed cover by then as well.

Q: Is it possible that there will there be more than three books?

A: As of right now I am only contracted for three books. If the series does well enough to warrant it, there is the potential for more books; in fact, I have plans in place for future storylines in case I’m asked to write more. But rest assured that even if the series ends at book 3, you will get answers to the questions posed in Vesper and Havoc and a solid ending to the story.


Q: How come I can only find Monster Slayers: Unleashed as an ebook?

A: The publisher for the Monster Slayers series decided just prior to release that Monster Slayers: Unleashed would be an ebook exclusive. I don’t know why the decision was made, but I’m told a print version is still possible if the ebook sells well.

Q: Why can’t I find a copy of the last book in the Suncatcher Trilogy? Or any of your Dragonlance: The New Adventures books?

A: All of Dragonlance: The New Adventures is sadly out of print, so paperback copies can only be found via used book sellers and libraries. Good news, for those with e-readers: the books will soon be translated into e-books. I’ll post links when they’re available.