Ravage: Cover & Summary!

All right Deviants readers, you’ve been waiting patiently and now I can finally share the cover and summary for the third book in the trilogy, RAVAGE. I gave a sneak peak last week on Twitter and Facebook, but this is the first time you’ll get to read where the story is going next. Be warned: If you haven’t read VESPER or HAVOC yet, you might want to skip the summary — it’s spoiler-tastic!

Ravage: A Deviants Novel

RAVAGE: A Deviants Novel

The war against BioZenith is on.

Since she first came into her mysterious new superpowers, Emily has watched one of her packmates disappear through an interdimensional portal; she’s been hunted by creepy, body-snatching Shadowmen; she’s managed to form an alliance with the same telekinetic cheerleaders who once tried to take her down; and she’s discovered that her believed-to-be-dead mother is one of the BioZenith scientists responsible for her strange abilities.

Now it’s up to the Deviants to put together the last pieces of the puzzle, which includes tracking down the final, mystery member of their kind and forcing their parents to reveal why they mutated their own children. Emily fears the answer is far more sinister than anyone ever thought: after all, why would a parent risk a child’s life unless the stakes were high…scary, world-ending high?

Tired of being at the mercy of adult conspiracies, Emily forms a plan with the other Deviants: Destroy BioZenith before anyone can use the knowledge within the facility to aid the Shadowmen. But that’s only if BioZenith—or something worse—doesn’t capture them first.


I adore this cover! Ali Smith and the Balzer+Bray design team did a fabulous job. I think it’s especially cool how Emily is now facing opposite how she was on book one, with her hair up in a ponytail to show she means business! As for the book itself, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–shiz gets crazy. The book is the longest of the three at 400 pages and there’s plenty of twists and turns to be had before you reach the final pages.

RAVAGE will be available in hardcover and as an ebook January 2013!