Monster Slayers

Monster Slayers is a companion novel series to the best-selling A Practical Guide to Monsters (which was written by my wonderful editor, Nina Hess). These books, and other Dungeons & Dragons related novels and picture books, are published by Wizards of the Coast Books for Young Readers. So as not to confuse younger readers since I also write older YA novels, I chose to write these books under the pen name Lukas Ritter.

The Monster Slayers books follow the journey of a boy named Evin, who wants nothing more than to go on a grand adventure with his best friend, Jorick. He gets the opportunity when a band of gnolls attack his village and kidnap his family and friends. With Jorick by his side, he sets out to rescue the stolen villagers–and along the way meets a mysterious elf girl named Bet, who shares with them the Practical Guide to Monsters to aid them on their journey.

Only everything isn’t as it seems in this twisty fantasy adventure. As Evin’s journey continues, he learns startling truths about world around him and encounters fantastic creatures like an imposing, three-headed chimera and a fearsome, vengeful medusa.

Monster Slayers is available in stores everywhere, and is also an e-book. Monster Slayers: Unleashed will be released in June 2011.

  • Monster Slayers
    Monster Slayers

    When wannabe adventurer Evin’s entire village is kidnapped by evil monsters, he must rely on the the help of his friends and an ancient guidebook of magical beasts to save his family. Evin faces all kinds of strange creatures on his quest, but soon he realizes that not everything is as it seems. Read more…

  • Monster Slayers: Unleashed
    Monster Slayers: Unleashed

    More monsters and more shocking plot twists! In this sequel to Monster Slayers, Evin must rescue his friends from the monsterpocalypse he has unleashed while under a mind-altering spell. But before he can begin, he must stop a medusa bent on revenge. Read more…