Woo Christmas Eve!

So it turns out having a debut novel come out while also working on several other books can make you totally frikkin’ busy. And also not shave for a month so that you end up looking like Alan Moore. So that’s my excuse for not blogging more often (even though I totes had procrastination days when I could have, but let’s ignore that).

Basically most of my day to day life involves writing and books now, with the exception of evening treks to a friend’s house to watch Community and Top Chef All Stars (hootie hoo!), amongst our other shows, and the occasional movie outing (omg Social Network and Black Swan!). As such, today’s blog post is not about Christmas plans (as my frenzied writing marathons kept me from shopping, which delayed Christmas, which means I RUINED CHRISTMAS OH GOD). But it is about a completely awesome and unexpected Christmas Eve gift I got this morning.

The package, with a note from my editor, Kristin:

And what could possibly be inside? Oh, what’s this? Two finished copies of Vesper fresh off the press? It’s a real book?! Hells to the yeah!

This little book took four years from inception to existence, and it was a long and depressing and exciting and anxiety-fueled but ultimately rewarding experience. In one month this will be on shelves around the country. I am scared to death of what people will think. That hasn’t stopped me from obsessively reading reviews anyway. For any of you guys who takes the time to read this, I really hope you like it. If you don’t, uh, well, maybe not directly tell me about it.

Okay! So happy Christmas Eve to all that celebrate. I’m thinking friends and I may spend ours with some adult beverages and a bad Christmas-themed horror movie. We’re traditional like that.