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Oh mah god, how can a whole month DISAPPEAR? I swear just yesterday it was the beginning of May. Now it’s nearing the middle of June, which is lame ’cause I cannot stand the heat. At all. And it’s getting hot. I dream of getting one of these:

Future Fan

That circle blasts AIR. Without the use of blades. Is that not the coolest, most space agey thing EVER? But until they’re not HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS I’ll just deal with my janky, old, regular fan. Even if it does get super dusty.

Anyway, so the past month disappeared because of, as always, book stuff. The days all fly by fast and furious, especially since I’m working on the sequel to Monster Slayers at the exact same time I’m writing Deviants book 2. Two more different books I can not imagine, for realz. My mind can barely contain all the madness. So let’s see what’s gone down lately….

Monster Slayers at B&N

  • Yes, we totally picked the pen name “Lukas Ritter” so it’d be shelved next to Rick Riordan‘s books. It was a coincidence that both Monster Slayers and Red Pyramid came out on the same day though.
  • Monster Slayers is also my first eBook! Honestly, I never really paid attention to eBooks because I’m a freak who needs to feel pages, and who wants my house built entirely from hardcover novels one day, but knowing that my books are available on, like, Kindles and Nooks and shiz kind of makes me want to get an eReader. You can get the Kindle version on Amazon, or get the ePub format one at the Sony eReader site. Much like the crazy blade-less fan above, this makes me feel like we’re in Star Trek.
  • Remember The Death and Life of Emily Cooke, the first book in the Deviants series? Of course you do, I’ve been talking about it since forever. Well, this is the book of a million titles. Originally it was called Wildeside. Then it was The Savage Files. Then The Vesper Files. Then, at long last, the Emily Cooke title. And all was well and good . . . until a few weeks back I learned that marketing at HarperCollins wanted a new title. Something shorter and punchier. We were happy to oblige, and thus the book became (bum ba da!) Vesper: A Deviants Novel. I love the new title because it allowed me to dig through the text and make some changes that I think added some really cool connotations to the overall mythology of the series. But, uh, since you haven’t read word one yet, that probably doesn’t mean much.
  • The new title needed to be decided on quick because Vesper is going to become an ARC any day now! Recently I received the galley pages for the advance readers copy, which filled me with glee since it was the first time I got to see the manuscript in a format other than a plain Word document. You can check out some photos I snapped in my Facebook album. And if you really want, you can strain your eyes to read the first couple paragraphs of the book…
  • I also got the cover for the ARC and ohmigod, it is so damn cool. I can’t post it because we’re getting the finished cover anytime now, but judging by the text only version I was sent, the final cover is gonna rock, like, super hard.
  • The ARC cover revealed to me that the official release date for Vesper: A Deviants Novel is January 25, 2011. That’s only six months away! That kind of blows my mind, even more than the space fan.
  • In a few scant weeks I’m being flown to Washington D.C. by Wizards of the Coast to sign Monster Slayers at ALA. I’m a little bit scurred because I’ll have to fly on a plane all by my lonesome and probably rent a car and all that, but I’m excited to sit down in the always-awesome Wizards of the Coast booth and meet the publishing folk and librarians who stop by. My back has been killing me lately (ugh, so out of shape), so I may not walk around much . . . though I may not be able to resist the allure of free ARCs everywhere.
  • Finally, in a little more than a month I’m turning 28. TWENTY-EIGHT. Oh lawd, how did I get so old? I started working at writing professionally when I was 18 — I was a right little upstart filled with hubris and big plans. I decided I would be published by 21 and afterward become world famous. I sort of hit then first part of that goal (I was published right before I turned 23), but now I look back at wee little me and say, “Oh man, I wish I still had your thick, luxurious hair.” And also, “Haha, teenage me! If only you knew the work to come. If only you knew.” I’ve been working as a writer in publishing for a decade now, and it’s only now that I’m having the big-ish releases I dreamed of. So note to anyone reading this who wants to be an author: settle in for the long haul, or don’t settle in at all. Seriously.

And I think that’s all. Man no wonder the days are flying by all fast and furious. What’s worse is all this writing stuff is keeping me from the important things like playing Prince of Persia, Alan Wake, Picross 3D, and The Sims 3: Ambitions. Don’t my editors and agent know there’s important virtual work to be done? My Sims author isn’t going to sit down and write his novel all by himself, now will he?

Until next time….