Return of the Book Pimper!

So I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I have a book out in a few weeks called Monster Slayers by “Lukas Ritter.” Have I mentioned it? I can’t recall. I’ve been so mum on the subject.

Okay, yeah, no, it’s been full force pimping lately. An endless gale of pimp whooshing into your homes via computer screen. I’m basically that cardboard cutout of The Critic from the show The Critic saying, “Buy my book!” over and over again. But it’s my first hardcover release! It’s exciting! EXCITING!

Anyway, so it’s time for another weekly dose of Monster Slayers/Lukas Ritter news round up!

Several months back I was tasked with writing a short story based on Monster Slayers that takes place before the book. The resulting story, “Training Day,” is now on the Wizards of the Coast website. Click on the cool picture to check it out!

Monster Slayers: Training Day

The story was posted alongside a neat D&D game that I had no idea was being created. Written by Wizards editor Susan Morris, The Heroes of Hesiod game is FREAKING ADORABLE. It’s based on the “Training Day” short story, includes characters from the Monster Slayers books, and you are rewarded with CANDY. This is designed as an easy D&D game for kids ages 6 and up and as such includes cute little beholders and dragons to fight. I am totally gathering five friends to play this. Click on the baby monsters to check it out:

Monster Slayers: Heroes of Hesiod

And lastly, the first part of the interview I did with my editor Nina Hess is now online to read. We basically went back and forth Interview magazine style, which was a lot of fun. This first part deals with more general talk about Monster Slayers and how it came to be. The second part, which will be posted next week, goes into the nitty gritty of how we work together for those interested in the editor-author relationship. Follow the plush bouncing beholder to read part 1:


And that’s it for today’s Monster Slayers promo blitz. Now I must dash off to lunch with a friend so I can come back and (gulp) actually work on writing a book for once.