Meet Lukas Ritter

My editor at Wizards of the Coast–Nina Hess–and I recently did a back and forth interview about working together on Monster Slayers that’s going up in several parts in the coming weeks. She started off with an intro to my alter-ego Lukas Ritter by detailing how we came to work together seven years ago. Check it out!

Out of the Slush Pile: The Tale of Lukas Ritter

There have also been a few reviews popping up for Monster Slayers from the copies of the ARC that went out. Here’s a couple totally chosen at random that are in no way being excerpted solely because they were positive:

“Lukas Ritter weaves a magical tale that will keep young readers entranced by the story.”
Reading Review (I should note that the reviewer mistakenly thinks this book takes place in the Dragonlance world; it does not.)

“With non-stop action and adventure, unique monsters, and a bit of magic, this is an exciting story for young and old alike.”

Thanks, randomly chosen reviewers! I’ll leave you guys with a sneak peak at the cover for Monster Slayers 2, since it’s too cool not to share. The full thing is TOTALLY AWESOME and I’ll post it as soon as they let me!

Monster Slayers 2 Snippet