Remnants begins with the end of the world. A giant asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and soon all life will be obliterated. But there may be some hope for humanity—a group of 80 people have been secretly gathered to be blasted off into space while asleep under new, untested hibernation technology.

The story picks up 500 years into the future, when the ship lands—somehow—in an unusual environment that looks to be derived from old Earth works of art. Soon, the Remnants of Earth are pulled into an age old battle between several alien races as they struggle to survive the constantly shifting environment, alien attacks, a deranged computer, and a mutated baby that may not be a baby at all.

Remnants is a mid-grade science fiction series published by Scholastic between 2001 and 2003. Created and overseen by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant, the best-selling authors of the Animorphs and Everworld series as well as newer books like Home of the Brave (Applegate) and the Gone novels (Grant), Remnants took a shift into the weird and surprising that readers couldn’t have expected.

Five writers total worked on the series: Katherine and Michael, who created the series and wrote the first four books and oversaw the next six; Emily Costello and Elise Smith, who alternated writing each book after the first four; and myself, who was brought in to create the stories for books 7 and 9 in the series (Emily Costello wrote the finished books based on my outlines). Remnants is now out of print, but copies may be found in your local library or via a used book seller.

  • Remnants #7: Isolation
    Remnants #7: Isolation

    Three groups race to gain control of the ship and Mother — the ship’s power source and the Remnants only chance to create a new Earth. It’s a race against the clock, each other, and forces beyond human comprehension. It’s a race the humans might not even be capable of winning….

  • Remnants #9: No Place Like Home
    Remnants #9: No Place Like Home

    The Remnants are on a mission to promote peace but the Blue Meanies have created a horrifying weapon, and the peacemakers are in grave danger. How does all this tie into the disturbing appearance of a stranger? And what about Violet? The secret she hides may be a clue to the evolution of the human race. Secrets will be revealed as devious plots unfold. The future of the Remnants hangs in the balance.