Dragonlance: The New Adventures

Dragonlance: The New Adventures begins in Vol. 1: Temple of the Dragonslayer by Tim Waggoner. A young girl named Nearra wakes up on a forest path with no idea how she got there, and no memory of who she is. She is soon joined by several new friends who plan to unravel the mystery behind her missing memories. Together these new companions begin a journey across the lands of Krynn that will test them to their limits as they try to save themselves and the world from a host of villains, mystical and otherwise.

The New Adventures was a Young Adult companion series to the best-selling Dragonlance fantasy novels. The books were written by several different authors and were published by an imprint of Wizards of the Coast called Mirrorstone Books, which was focused solely on quality paperback series for kids and teens. My first book was Vol. 8 in the series, called Dragon Spell. It ended the eight book storyline that began the series, before the series split off into a series of trilogies based around the original five companions featured in The New Adventures.

I ultimately wrote five books for the series, including the well-received Suncatcher Trilogy about the kender wizard Sindri Suncatcher. The series is no longer being produced and the books are sadly all out of print, but you might be able to find copies in your local library or via a used book seller. *UPDATE* I’m told that e-book versions of all of these books are being produced. Once they’re available, I’ll be sure to post links!

  • Dragon Spell
    Vol. 8: Dragon Spell

    Asvoria has set her ultimate plan in motion: to transform herself into a dragon and rule the dragons of Krynn, with all other races as her servants. Catriona, Sindri, Maddoc, and Davyn are determined to stop her. If they succeed, Krynn will be saved from Asvoria’s tyranny. If they fail, Nearra’s soul will be lost forever. Read more…

  • Wizard's Betrayal
    Trinistyr Trilogy, Vol. 2: Wizard’s Betrayal

    Nearra, Jirah, and their friends journey to break the curse on the Trinistyr. But they do not journey alone. Two elf mages watch them from afar, while a dark cleric follows their every move. Betrayals come to light. New powers arise. And a startling revelation threatens to destroy Nearra, once and for all. Read more…

  • The Wayward Wizard
    Suncatcher Trilogy, Vol. 1: The Wayward Wizard

    Back at Cairngorn Keep, the black-robed wizard Maddoc has made Sindri his apprentice. But a mysterious stranger interrupts Sindri’s training, and soon Sindri finds himself chased by strange monsters and receiving cryptic messages. Will these extraordinary events lead to Sindri’s destiny–or his doom? Read more…

  • The Ebony Eye
    Suncatcher Trilogy, Vol. 2: The Ebony Eye

    Now that Sindri knows who has been trying to kill him, he sets out on a mission to find out why. But the friends who accompany him have confusing motivations. As Sindri and his companions break into a mechanical maze guarded by a frightening gorgon, the kender apprentice must tackle a grave lesson: how not to trust. Read more…

  • The Stolen Sun
    Suncatcher Trilogy, Vol. 3: The Stolen Sun

    Old foes endanger Sindri’s home village in Kendermore, while old friends add confusion to an already frenzied situation. And in the midst of all the chaos, Sindri must make the hardest choice of his life. Read more…