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Ravage: Cover & Summary!

All right Deviants readers, you’ve been waiting patiently and now I can finally share the cover and summary for the third book in the trilogy, RAVAGE. I gave a sneak peak last week on Twitter and Facebook, but this is the first time you’ll get to read where the story is going next. Be warned: […]

Secret New Series, Revealed!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed that for the past year and a half I’ve occasionally mentioned a ~secret children’s series~ that I couldn’t give any details about. And if you’re like some of my followers, not knowing what it was drove you mad. Mad, I say! So I’m happy […]

Get ready to wreak some HAVOC

Look at that blog title. Puns! Puns ahoy! So I’m deeply ashamed that I haven’t had a blog update in, oh, 7 months or so. But in my defense, it’s ’cause I been busy busy busy. And also Twitter has destroyed my ability to type more than a few characters. BUT! Today I have a […]

Sequels: Havoc and Unleashed!

It’s been ages since I’ve had an update, but that’s only because I’ve been crazy busy writing books the past six months. Not a bad problem to have, right? But this week I have news on two sequels and so I had to take the time to share! First up is a look at the […]

VESPER is here!

I should have made this post two weeks ago when the book actually came out, but man does time zip by when you have a new book released! As the title says, my new YA novel Vesper, the first in the Deviants series, is finally here! Here’s the deets: Emily Webb is a geek. And […]

Monster Slayers

An exciting and surprising fantasy series based on the best-selling A Practical Guide to Monsters. Follow three friends as they face off with fantastic creatures and uncover startling secrets. Read more…

Woo Christmas Eve!

So it turns out having a debut novel come out while also working on several other books can make you totally frikkin’ busy. And also not shave for a month so that you end up looking like Alan Moore. So that’s my excuse for not blogging more often (even though I totes had procrastination days […]

Vesper: The Cover!

Here is the final, pre-blurb cover for VESPER, the first book in my new YA series Deviants. It comes out at the end of January/early February. And I LOVE this cover. Like, a lot. I haven’t been blogging much since I’ve been dealing with an annoying leg infection for like a month and a half, […]

Books Books Books

Oh mah god, how can a whole month DISAPPEAR? I swear just yesterday it was the beginning of May. Now it’s nearing the middle of June, which is lame ’cause I cannot stand the heat. At all. And it’s getting hot. I dream of getting one of these: That circle blasts AIR. Without the use […]

Monster Slayers

When wannabe adventurer Evin’s entire village is kidnapped by evil monsters, he must rely on the the help of his friends and an ancient guidebook of magical beasts to save his family. Evin faces all kinds of strange creatures on his quest, but soon he realizes that not everything is as it seems. Read more…